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Since way back in 1990, we have covered a number of Cup Finals for amateur Men’s (and occasionally Ladies) Sunday League teams in London and surrounding counties (e.g. Hertfordshire, Middlesex, Essex, Kent & Surrey). These Cup Finals invariably take place at the end of each season during March, April & May, and over the years we have been assisted by experienced freelance cameramen in coping with filming several matches at different venues on the same day.

Most of the bookings we receive to film Cup Finals are as a result of one of the participating teams reaching a Final after beating our sponsored club Edmonton Rovers in an earlier round and then buying a copy of the Match Video/DVD or watching highlights of the match on our You Tube channel.

However, with Hughes Video Services owner Laurence Hughes having been Secretary of Edmonton Rovers since their formation way back in 1976, he has consequently built up a number of contacts in Men's Sunday Football in London and surrounding areas during that time, and several Cup Finals have therefore been filmed on the basis of a good reputation.

In addition to Men’s Sunday League clubs, we have also filmed numerous Cup Finals for ‘grass-roots/park teams’ in Saturday football as a result of their players playing for Sunday League Clubs who have either faced Edmonton Rovers or hired us to film Sunday League Cup Finals.

Full details on how we can film Cup Finals & other matches for amateur ‘Sunday League’ Mens & Ladies Teams can be found under Filming Matches.

Our various filming options and prices can be found on our Pricing, Payment & Delivery page.


Between 2007 and 2016, we filmed the Frank McAvennie Adults Tournaments every Summer at West Ham United's old Boleyn Ground for Football For Fans in addition to other Tournaments that they organised at venues such as Southampton’s St. Mary’s Stadium and Norwich City’s Carrow Road amongst others.

Unfortunately, Football For Fans decided to call it a day once West Ham United moved out of the Boleyn Ground, but DVDs for individual teams participating in these events may still be available. Please contact Tournament organiser Jeff Garner for details.

Please note that we will no longer be taking on the organisation of filming, editing & production of Tournaments, as our cameraman Laurence Hughes will be working as a freelancer for other Tournament filming companies instead.


All Edmonton Rovers matches are filmed by Laurence Hughes (Club Secretary & owner of Hughes Video Services), so if your Sunday Team is lucky enough to be playing them, then you will not have to pay a filming fee (which you would have to do if you booked us to film a Cup Final for example).

Highlights of matches from Season 2009-2010 onwards are now showing here on our You Tube channel if you would like to view some of our footage of Edmonton Rovers in action and see an example of our work. If your team are playing Edmonton Rovers and your Club Secretary or Manager supplies Laurence Hughes with your team line-up on the day (i.e. shirt numbers, full names of players and what position they are playing in), then this information will be displayed in the opening titles on You Tube (exactly as they do on 'Match of the Day' and on Sky). Goal Of The Season and Goal Of The Decade clips of Edmonton Rovers players can also be viewed on our You Tube channel and you can find the links to those goals in The Videos section on the Edmonton Rovers F.C. Website.

Please note that if Edmonton Rovers reach a Cup Final...which unfortunately does not happen very often !... as in League matches against them, our opponents will not have to pay a filming, editing & production fee in order to obtain footage of the whole match.

CLICK HERE to visit the club website. Links to Match highlights on You Tube can be found in the Archive Section. (Just click on a season and go to Match Reports).
PLEASE NOTE that Edmonton Rovers matches will always come first ahead of us being booked to film any other Sunday League match (including Cup Finals) on any particular Sunday morning between September and the first couple of weeks in May every season. We are generally only available to film Sunday League Cup Finals if the Kick-Off time is later than or if it is being played on a midweek evening.


We quite often have requests from television companies to use footage of goals and any other major incidents from matches we have filmed (subject to us owning the copyright), or to use archive footage we may have of players in their Non-League or Youth Team days before they became famous.

For brief clips of no more than five minutes duration we generally charge £50.00 (for unlimited showings) if it is for use by one regional TV station only and £150.00 or more (for unlimited showings and depending on the importance of the footage) if it is for National or Satellite TV. These prices include use for both TV broadcasting and streaming on TV company websites and/or social media platforms. Please note that the picture quality of the footage will vary as we have only been filming in high definition since January 2014.
When archive footage is requested, we can re-render it to a suitable format on request and then either transfer it online using our Dropbox account or copy it onto an SDHC card or USB Flash Drive for postage or collection. Where our own stock of SDHC cards or USB drives are used and then kept by the television company, an additional £50.00 will be charged plus postage & packing if a courier is not collecting the footage. A 30-days-to-pay invoice will then be e-mailed to the television company as soon as the footage is sent. Please contact us for further details.
In addition to providing archive footage, we are also available to film matches in the South-East of England specifically for television and internet companies as opposed to the clubs themselves, subject to the Home Club giving permission and issuing a press pass. Full details can be found in the Filming Options & Price List section.


Please note that videos/footage/DVDs of matches played before August 2009 are no longer available to purchase online.

Everything we have filmed from August 2009 onwards can be found on our You Tube channel and viewed for free...apart from when we were filming for certain clubs, TV or internet companies who owned the copyright and uploaded the footage to their own social media platforms.

Please note that between 1990 (when we first started) and August 2003, everything we filmed was mastered on now-obsolete S-VHS tapes. Unfortunately these tapes are now in such poor condition that they invariably break and/or chew up when they are inserted into S-VHS players. Also, S-VHS tapes will not play back in the standard VHS players that are currently on the market for VHS to DVD or VHS to digital conversions. If we manage to successfully transfer any footage from an S-VHS master tape to a digital format, it will then be uploaded to our You Tube channel ONLY, as we will no longer be producing DVDs.
It is possible that we may allow clubs to purchase our S-VHS master tapes from the 1990’s and early-2000’s if they think they can play them back and digitise the footage themselves, but as that footage will be extremely valuable if it can be successfully accessed, we will be looking for a minimum of £50.00 per tape, and in some cases up to £150 - £200 per tape. Please also note that all our S-VHS master tapes have two whole matches on, and one of those matches will have a different team involved, which will complicate matters further as both clubs may want the same master tape.

Please note that between August 2003 & August 2009 we produced DVDs of matches which are not on our You Tube channel, but we do still have the DVD master copies, so copies can therefore be run off from those and purchased (for £10.00 each incl. Postage & Packing) on request. However, they will only be provided in a plain paper sleeve and without any on-disc printing. Please contact us if you think you played in a match during that period that you would like to purchase on DVD. Please note that payment must be made online by bank transfer ONLY.






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