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Our definition of a 'Non-League' Team on this website is generally Clubs who play in Senior Saturday Football from the National League downwards and operate on more or less a Semi-Professional basis' where players are either on contract or get paid expenses and the clubs play in stadiums or enclosed pitches where gate money is taken. In other words, Step 1 to Step 7 of the ‘Non-League Pyramid’. Parks level Saturday Leagues such as the Amateur Football Combination and the Southern Amateur League are generally included as part of our ‘Sunday League’ section for the purpose of this website.


We started off our coverage of Non-League Football back in the early 1990's when Laurence Hughes persuaded his local club, ENFIELD F.C. that by filming all their matches Home and Away and selling copies of the Match Videos in their club shop, it would be a good fund-raising venture. This was immediately taken up, and although we filmed the games free of charge, it proved to be a worthwhile exercise as Enfield F.C. were a successful club at the time and enough money was made from the sales of Match Videos and Compilations to continue filming them on a regular basis throughout the 1990’s. However, as Enfield's fan-base dwindled thereafter due to the sale of their Southbury Road ground and the consequent financial difficulties, we therefore needed to film for a club with bigger support in order to continue as a business, so we agreed to cover ALDERSHOT TOWN during the 1998-1999 Season, mainly due to former Enfield Manager George Borg inviting us to do so after he had been appointed as Manager there for that season. Although we sold three times as many copies of Match Videos and Compilations than we ever did at Enfield, the journey to Aldershot from our base in Edmonton was just too long and we had to decline their offer to continue filming their matches the following season as we were wasting too much time stuck on the dreaded M25 !

We then took a season off to concentrate on designing the original version of this website and the one for our sponsored Sunday League club Edmonton Rovers, while we also used the time to experiment with new computer-based production ideas and catch up on a large backlog of editing work. We then resumed filming Non-League football half-way through the 2000-2001 Season when we covered FARNBOROUGH TOWN’s run-in to the Ryman League Premier Division title under former Enfield player Graham Westley, this proving to be another successful venture for us. Again though, we declined the offer to continue filming for them the following season due to the travelling involved, and for Season 2001-2002 onwards we decided to start covering several different Non-League clubs by just picking and choosing a match each week where we thought there might be a possibility of selling copies to supporters who had not purchased any of our videos before. This coincided with the formation of ENFIELD TOWN F.C. by disenchanted Enfield supporters, and we covered a large number of their games in addition to several for the likes of Dulwich Hamlet, Bishop's Stortford and Cheshunt amongst others, although sales of videos were rather disappointing and it appeared that the novelty was starting to wear off for some clubs.

In 2003 we then received an offer from the Footballers Football Channel to film all Home matches for Nationwide Conference clubs GRAVESEND & NORTHFLEET and DAGENHAM & REDBRIDGE, in which the footage was to be broadcast on the Internet. We immediately took up the offer as it was the first time we had actually been paid for filming and it guaranteed us an income rather than relying on sales of Match Videos. While we were working for the Footballers Football Channel (otherwise known as T.F.F.C.), we did not have access to the footage after matches in order to produce Match Videos, but the venture did not last long anyway as T.F.F.C. unfortunately went bust within a year. Fortunately, when that happened (in early 2004), Gravesend & Northfleet (now known as EBBSFLEET UNITED) agreed to pay us themselves to continue filming every Home match, and with Dagenham & Redbridge deciding to use their own club cameraman, we therefore accepted an offer from Ryman League Premier Division leaders CANVEY ISLAND to film all their Home matches as well (on the same paid basis as Gravesend & Northfleet) for the 2003-2004 Season. That proved to be a wise move, as Canvey Island won the title that season and were then promoted to the Nationwide Conference as well. We then continued to film for both Gravesend & Northfleet and Canvey Island for the 2004-2005 Season as they both invariably played at Home on alternate Saturdays, but when GRAYS ATHLETIC were promoted into the Conference for the 2005-2006 Season, Gravesend and Canvey's Home matches then clashed, so we decided to take up an offer to film for Grays as well so that we would be filming every Saturday and we therefore filmed all Home matches for all three clubs during the 2005-2006 Season.

Unfortunately, Canvey Island voluntarily dropped out of the Conference at the start of the 2006-2007 Season to play at a lower level, so we therefore filmed Home games for Gravesend & Northfleet (Ebbsfleet United) and Grays Athletic only thereafter, whilst also providing footage to Conference TV for showing on the internet and then Setanta for their TV broadcasts until their demise.

At the end of the 2009-2010 Season, both Ebbsfleet United and Grays Athletic were relegated from the Blue Square Bet Premier Division, with Grays voluntarily dropping right down to Division One North of the Ryman League and selling their Home ground to property developers. They now ground-share elsewhere and unfortunately can no longer afford to use our services. Highlights of Grays Athletic matches filmed during the 2009-2010 Season can be found here on our You Tube channel.

During Season 2010-2011 we continued to film Home matches for Ebbsfleet United and we also took up an offer to film a number of Home matches for SUTTON UNITED. This turned out to be a successful season for us as Ebbsfleet ended up gaining promotion back to the Blue Square Bet Premier Division after winning a memorable South Division Play-Off Final, while Sutton won the Ryman League Premier Division to gain promotion to the Blue Square Bet South Division. Highlights of those Sutton United matches filmed can be found here on our You Tube channel.
We then continued to film for Ebbsfleet for the next two seasons, but our nine-year spell filming for the club ended at the end of Season 2012-2013 due to them coming under new ownership and bringing their own staff in to do the job.
From the start of Season 2013-2014 we began filming all Home games plus selected Away games for then Southern League Division One side SLOUGH TOWN for two and a half seasons. This arrangement was made by Ebbsfleet United's former owners MyFootballClub (MyFC), who had begun sponsoring the club. Goal highlights of those games can still be found on Slough Town’s own You Tube Channel in addition to our You Tube Channel. Slough Town were groundsharing at Beaconsfield SYCOB FC at the time, with their hosts allowing a permanent gantry to film the matches to be erected, as you can see in the picture on the right. This gantry was then enhanced for Season 2017-2018 when we began filming for Beaconsfield SYCOB in Division One of the Southern League themselves, having now changed their name to BEACONSFIELD TOWN.
During our time filming for Slough Town, we also covered some Home matches for Ryman League Division One side Harlow Town during Season 2013-2014 and then for Spartan South Midlands Premier Division side St.Margaretsbury during the 2014-2015 Season. Highlights of those St. Margaretsbury matches filmed can be found here on our You Tube channel.

Our main focus for Seasons 2016-2017 & 2017-2018 though was on UNITED LONDON, who were an internet ‘Pick The Team’ club playing below Step 7 level in the Premier Division of the Essex Alliance League. Their Home pitch for their first season was at Hackney Marshes and they then moved to a caged 3G pitch in Romford for their second season. That project finished after just two seasons, but we covered every match for them, Home and Away. Highlights of those United London matches can be found here on their You Tube channel.


From Season 2018-2019 onwards, we have been back filming all Home games for EBBSFLEET UNITED after what was a five-year absence. This situation came about as a result of broadcasters BT Sport requesting that all National League Premier Division clubs use media students to film the matches for them on a voluntary basis each week. However, clubs are given the option to hire professional camera operators to film the games instead, and then pay those operators themselves, which is what Ebbsfleet have chosen to do. The main reason for that is because the students are invariably part of the coaching staff as performance analysts and therefore film the games on a wide angle which is not suitable for match highlights viewing, and that had been the case at Ebbsfleet during the previous five years. We are therefore filming Ebbsfleet’s matches primarily for TV broadcasting and for the club themselves to edit & produce their own match highlights.

In addition to filming for Ebbsfleet United, Laurence Hughes now also often works as a freelance cameraman for FC Video and other companies in covering other Non-League clubs on Saturday afternoons and Tuesday evenings if their matches do not clash with Ebbsfleet’s Home games.

In general, we will not film matches any further away than 100 miles (or a two-hour drive) from our base in Edmonton, North London. The area we cover is basically the whole of the South-East of England, most of East Anglia, and the ‘Home Counties’ surrounding the M25 only.
Please contact us if your club are interested in having their matches professionally filmed. Further details can be found on the ‘Filming Non-League Matches’ page.


We quite often have requests from television companies to use footage of goals and any other major incidents from matches we have filmed (subject to us owning the copyright), or to use archive footage we may have of players in their Non-League or Youth Team days before they became famous.

For brief clips of no more than five minutes duration we generally charge £50.00 (for unlimited showings) if it is for use by one regional TV station only and £150.00 or more (for unlimited showings and depending on the importance of the footage) if it is for National or Satellite TV. These prices include use for both TV broadcasting and streaming on TV company websites and/or social media platforms. Please note that the picture quality of the footage will vary as we have only been filming in high definition since January 2014.
When archive footage is requested, we can re-render it to a suitable format on request and then either transfer it online using our Dropbox account or a similar file transfer facility. A 30-days-to-pay invoice will then be e-mailed to the television company as soon as the footage is sent. Please contact us for further details.
In addition to providing archive footage, we are also available to film matches in the South-East of England specifically for television and internet companies as opposed to the clubs themselves, subject to the Home Club giving permission and issuing a press pass. Full details can be found in the Filming Options & Price List section.


Please note that videos/footage/DVDs of matches played before August 2009 are no longer available to purchase online from this website.

Everything we have filmed from August 2009 onwards can be found on our You Tube channel and viewed for free...apart from when we were filming for certain clubs, TV or internet companies who owned the copyright and uploaded the footage to their own social media platforms.

Please note that between 1990 (when we first started) and August 2003, everything we filmed was mastered on now-obsolete S-VHS tapes. Unfortunately these tapes are now in such poor condition that they invariably break and/or chew up when they are inserted into S-VHS players. Also, S-VHS tapes will not play back in the standard VHS players that are currently on the market for VHS to DVD or VHS to digital conversions. If we manage to successfully transfer any footage from an S-VHS master tape to a digital format, it will then be uploaded to our You Tube channel ONLY, as we will no longer be producing DVDs.

Please note that between August 2003 & August 2009 we produced DVDs of matches which are not on our You Tube channel, but we do still have the DVD master copies. As we no longer produce DVD’s for sale from those master copies, we may be able to upload the footage to our You Tube channel on request for a payment of £50.00, thereby allowing all players to watch the match. Please note that payment must be made online by bank transfer ONLY.


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